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Turbine Ventilation

Why turbine ventilation?
Mounted to the roof, turbine ventilators extract hot, stale and polluted indoor air. This allows cool, fresh air to enter the building from outside. Turbine ventilators keep indoor environments cooler and healthier; they use no electricity and turn using the wind and natural convection. Turbovent's range of turbine ventilators are made from the best quality materials to the highest international standards.

General features
Turbovent has successfully supplied hundreds of thousands of turbine ventilators since 1990 to almost every type of build- ing, both with and without ceilings, to homes, schools, churches, shops, warehouses and factories. • Turbine ventilators are able to withstand wind speeds of up to 220km/h, yet will turn even in the complete absence of wind
• can be fitted to almost any roof up to a 45° pitch
• require no maintenance
• are completely silent
• are waterproof
• keep dust and pollutants from coming into the building
• are SABS approved
• can be used in confined spaces such as containers and vehicles
• can be used to enhance the effectiveness of chimney flues.

• Cooling and ventilation: the primary benefit of turbine ventilators is that they efficiently remove hot, stale and polluted air from buildings in which attic-air can be heated up to 65°, this allows the air to be replaced with cool fresh air from outdoors.
• Cost effective: turbine ventilators require no maintenance and no electricity to run.
• In winter, ventilation removes moisture-laden air; too much moisture is known to deteriorate structures and cause mould to
grow in attic spaces.
• Reducing a building's heat load will assist in reducing air-conditioning bills in summer.
• The steady flow of air through ventilation clears out airborne contaminants and replenishes oxygen levels in the air, creating a fresh and clean environment.

How to turbine venitilators work
Turbine ventilators harness the power of the wind to drive a centrifugal turbine dome that creates a vacuum to pull air out of a building. Even in the absence of wind, turbines will spin and allow hot air to rise out of the building; this is the natural process of convection. Turbine ventilators keep dust out of buildings because the air is blown out of the turbine by the spinning motion of the turbine blades. Water is also kept out of the building; even in the heaviest rain storms, the specially designed grooves on the turbine repel water away from the turbine.

How to select a turbine ventilator?
Turbovent's extensive range of turbines allow you to find the perfect turbine for your application. Higher roofs generally require larger diameter turbines, whilst lower roofs require smaller turbines to allow even ventilation over the entire roofed area. Coloured tiles on the roofs of homes are usually best suited to the SupaVent range which are available in a variety of colours to match the roof. A range of materials is also available from UV stabilised plastic to metal turbines. Lightweight aluminium turbines offer a performance and corrosion advantage over heavier galvanised metal turbines. Turbovent has trained dealers who are able to assist in selecting and sizing the right turbine for you.

How turbines are installed
Turbines are installed on the roof; care must be taken to waterproof the installation properly. Installations should only be carried out by trained installers who will locate, space and seal turbines correctly.

Our top selling turbine for homes and factories with low roofs

• Constructed entirely of high quality aluminium, making it lightweight, but sturdy and rust- resistant.
• The ball bearings used are superior to the bush-type bearings used in many other ventilators.
• The aerofoil vanes incorporate rolled edges to prevent rain and dust from penetrating the dome.
• Available in two sizes: either 300 mm or 350 mm (only available in aluminium) diameter throat.
• Has a standard milled aluminium finish, which can be colour-coated on request. The bearings are permanently sealed, making the Whirlybird entirely maintenance-free.
• The Whirlybird is backed by a five-year warranty. GT-12 has a one-year warranty.

SupaVent A premium home roof vent designed for easy DIY installation

• Made from exceptionally strong, UV-resistant, ABS polymer which can withstand harsh sun without any deterioration or colour fading. Unlike with steel vents, rust will never be a problem.
• Can withstand winds of up to 180 km/h.
• Is available in a range of colours to complement your roof, including a transparent version.
• Has a 250 mm throat diameter.
• Backed by a five-year warranty covering defective materials and manufacture.

A high quality turbine: designed and manufactured in South Africa for factories and warehouses

• Available in either high quality, light-weight aluminium or rugged galvanised mild steel; these can be colour-coated on request.
• Available with a 510 mm or 610 mm diameter throat.
• Has two high quality sealed bearings for trouble-free performance.
• Has 36 uniquely shaped vanes for enhanced effectiveness.
• Backed by a five-year warranty against defective materials and manufacture.

Sure Draft
A vent made specifically for chimneys and flues

• Prevents back drafting and chimney smoke being blown into the house and from nearby buildings, trees and natural topography − by causing a positive updraft in the flue or chimney.
• Has a throat diameter of either 150 mm or 300 mm.
• The standard colour is mill aluminium, although powder coat colours can be arranged for special orders.
• Backed by a five-year warranty.

LP Vent
A low cost and economical turbine

• The turbine is made of a light weight aluminium alloy that has a fluorocarbon protective coating, which is rust and corrosion proof.
• It is both waterproof and dust repellent.
• Available in two sizes − either a 500 mm and 600 mm diameter throat – and in a grey metal colour. • Backed by a three-year warranty.

GP Vent
A vent specifically designed for vehicles

• Gets rid of stale interior air (including heat and odours) when the vehicle is in motion and the windows are closed.
• Made from impact resistant polymer and is easy to install on a wide range of vehicles, including cars, vans, boats and trucks.
• Ensures an adequate supply of oxygen, thereby increasing driver alertness and reducing the possibility of road accidents.
• Backed by a three-year warranty against defective materials and manufacture..

Hurricane 900
The ultimate in quality, as a ventilator and smoke ventilator

• Constructedfromlightweight,corrosionresistantaluminium,yetithasbeentestedin195km/hwinds.
• The double-row, heavy-duty ball bearing system ensures optimum, trouble-free performance, under a wide range of conditions.
• The standard aluminium finish can be colour-coated on request – and comes with matching accessories. • Meets international standards as a fire smoke extractor.
• Backed by a five-year warranty against defective materials and manufacture.

A vent made specifically for contaminated areas

• Ventilates sewerage systems, pits and drains, removing odours and vapours.
• The turbine is manufactured from strong ABS polymer alloy which is inert to most acids, and can be used in any environment which is contaminated by pollutants and chemicals.
• Made from a special polycarbonate composition that won't rust or corrode. • Fits on most sewer pipes- the pipe adapter is 110 mm or 150 mm.
• Has a 150 mm diameter throat. • Is relatively easy to install and the vent spins silently.
• Backed by a five-year warranty against defective materials and manufacture.