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Evaporated Coolers

Why evaporative cooling?
Evaporative cooling is one of the healthiest and most cost-effective means of cooling air in buildings, achieving a saving of up to 80% of energy costs, compared with air conditioning. Evaporative cooling offers many benefits to people in homes and larger building spaces such as shops, showrooms, churches and factories.

General features
Turbovent distributes the award-winning range of Breezair evaporative coolers. Manufactured in Australia, these coolers have been awarded the Green Globe Award by the Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability.

• Breezair evaporative coolers boast the highest cooling efficiency relative to any other coolers.
• The hush-power fans of the Breezair Icon are quieter than any other standard evaporative coolers.
• Sophisticated controllers manage indoor temperature, ventilation rate and humidity.
• Water management systems ensure optimal use of water and save water.
• The body of the cooler is so well designed that it is backed up with a 25-year warranty and will not warp or buckle in a harsh outdoor environment.

• Natural process: Evaporative cooling uses nature's process of evaporating water to cool and gently humidify fresh air to create a cool, healthy and fresh indoor environment.
• Fresh air: Evaporative coolers are open systems, meaning 100% fresh air is delivered into the building being cooled. This improves the levels of oxygen in the air, creating a healthy environment.
• Cleaner indoor environment: The fresh air delivered into a building using evaporative cooling is filtered through water to remove dust, pollen and other outdoor contaminants. The evaporative cooler maintains a positive pressure in the building keeping dust, pollen and pollution from entering the building through open doors or windows.
• Energy efficient: Evaporative cooling uses 80% less energy compared with a standard air conditioner. The Breezair Icon evaporative cooling range can cool a home at a cost from as little as for running a 100W light-bulb.
• Better for the environment: In addition to using less electricity; evaporative coolers use only the natural evaporation of water and do not use harmful refrigerative gasses. Refrigerative gasses are not only harmful to the environment but also to the health of people.

How evaporative coolers work
Evaporative cooling utilises the natural cooling process as follows:

• Air from outside the building is drawn into a cabinet using a powerful fan.
• The air enters the cabinet passing through water-saturated cooling pads which filter the air, substantially removing large particulate contaminants such as dust and pollen.
• As the air makes contact with the water, it is cooled by evaporation to a degree depending on the dryness of the air.
• The resultant fresh, clean, cool air is then directed, via a duct system, into the interior of the building. The drier the air, the faster the rate of evaporation and the greater the cooling effect.

As water is evaporated, energy is lost from the air, so reducing temperature. Two temperatures are important when dealing with evaporative cooling systems. The first is the dry bulb temperature. This is the temperature that we usually think of as air temperature, measured by a regular thermometer exposed to the air stream.

The second air temperature, important in evaporative cooling systems, is the wet bulb temperature. This is the lowest temperature that can be reached by the evaporation of water. The dry and wet bulb temperature can be used to calculate the relative humidity.

Breezair Coolers feature special Chillcel pads at least 90 mm thick for maximum evaporation and cooling. These are matched perfectly to each cooler model for optimum efficiency.

Breezair Icon

Perfect for commercial and residential applications, the Breezair Icon series of evapora- tive coolers offers a new generation of direct drive invertor centrifugal fan evaporative coolers which will be even more reliable and require less frequent maintenance. The Icon series has more features than any competitive cooler. The auto drain facility, the Tornado pump and the long-life ChillcelTM pads are features incorporated within the Icon cooler. The Icon range is available in beige, terracotta and slate grey.
  Specifications Model Average m2 JHB Cooling capacity KW Motor capacity Watts
ICON 130 110m2 8.4 500
ICON 170 180m2 12.6 750
ICON 210 240m2 15.5 1500

Breezair RPB

The reliable and effective RPB evaporative cooler is a proven performer in heavy- duty industrial cooling. It is especially effective in areas where high static pressure or complex ductwork are present. These coolers deliver approximately over four times more cool air when compared with the TBA range of coolers and reduce the number of coolers needed, thereby reducing installation and maintenance sites in a facility.
  Specifications Model Average m2 JHB Cooling capacity KW Motor capacity Watts
RPB 1800 1200m2 63 15 000

Breezair TBA

The Breezair TBA series revolutionises the concept of fixed direct-drive evaporative coolers. With 30 years of experience, Breezair has achieved the most efficient and reliable evaporative cooler on the market. Intelligently designed with installers and end users in mind, its ease of installation and the flexibility of its control system configuration make it more user-friendly.
  Specifications Model Typical cooling area Cooling capacity KW Motor capacity Watts
TBA 450 140m2 12.3 600
TBA 550 240m2 14.7 950

Breezair EA and Mobile

The Breezair EA range of coolers uses aspen fibre pads which are easy to clean in dirty environments. The EA range of coolers have excellent air handling capabilities using a belt-driven centrifugal fan. The EA coolers are available in top, side and bot- tom air discharge models and can be modified into a mobile unit for spot cooling factories and halls.
  Specifications Model Typical cooling area Motor capacity Watts
EA 120SV 100m2 14
EA 150 200m2 14.4


The Coolair CPL range of evaporative coolers offers our most economical cooler without compromising on build quality and reliability. The Coolair range of coolers, however, has lower cooling capacities and inferior fan curve performances when compared with the superior range of TBA coolers.
  Specifications Model Typical cooling area Cooling capacity KW Motor capacity Watts
CPL700 90m2 9.2 500
CPL1100 150m2 14.2 750

Turbovent portable coolers

Ideally suited for small areas, the DIET range of portable evaporative coolers is able to cool air effectively in smaller living or working areas. Three models are available.
  Specifications Cooling area m2 / ft2 Air throw distance (m/ft) Motor RPM Air delivery (m3/hr/CFM) Power Consumption Watts
DIET 8T 12.5/125 7.5/25 1400 600/355 125
DIET 22T 20/200 30-Sep 1400 850/500 150
DIET 50T 25/250 11/35 1400 900/533 175