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Airsure branded air conditioners are exclusively distributed and supported by Turbovent through a network of trained installers and dealers.

Airsure air conditioners are available in both single-speed compressors, using R22 gas and energy-efficient inverter com- pressors which use environmentally-friendly R410A refrigerant gas.

Why R410A gas?
• In 2015, R22 air conditioning systems will be banned in South Africa and replaced with systems which use R410A refrigerant gas.
• R410A gas is eco-friendly and does not negatively affect the ozone layer. It is a blend of hydro fluorocarbon (HFC Compounds).
• R410A systems

Why inverter technology?
• Air conditioners using inverter technology give a 30% energy saving compared with conventional fixed-speed compressors.
• The inverter is situated in the outdoor unit. Fixed speed compressors running at 100% capacity stop and start automatically to maintain the desired temperature; the inverter varies the capacity of the compressor to maintain a consistent temperature.
• The inverter continuously regulates the thermal transfer flow resulting in economical and rapid cooling and heating.

Starway offers an economical, reliable air conditioner
Turbovent has distributed and supported the award-winning range of Starway air conditioners since 1995. First produced in 1973, these air conditioners are quiet and reliable.

Starway air conditioners have achieved worldwide quality-approval standards, including: European Union CE, Saudi Arabian SASO, German TUV, America UL and CB.

Specification Sheets

Airsure R22 specification sheet
Starway specification sheet
Airsure R410A Inverter specification sheet
Starway Cassette specification sheet